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My Elevate art students and graffiti art!

Graffiti art. I love looking at train cars as they pass by, seeing all of the magical (albeit, illegal) street art that adorns an otherwise mundane train.

When I brought up graffiti art, my students were pumped. (Though I think I was more excited!) We planned on doing a mural of the entire back side of our youth center, but I wanted the teens to get a feel for it. It was funny to watch at first. All these teens, armed with spray cans, standing there looking at this huge wall and a little intimidated! They kept asking me if it was ok. As long as you have permission, it is ok! But once they started, they got the hang of it!

One of my inspirations and an amazing mural artist is Jason Naylor. I love his bright bold colors that pop out of the black background. And the fact that his work has such a positive message makes me love it even more!

The back wall of Elevate Youth Center is huge! It used to be a Baptist church, so the peak is, well, really high! The teens were awesome and it was so amazing to see their creativity light up when they were painting. We are trying to bring more community arts projects to Thief River Falls, stay tuned!



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