New Year. New Goals? 3 Simple Steps to Achieve Them.

It is 2020. A new month, a new year, and it's even a new decade! Ringing in the new year is an exciting time because people have a fresh start, a blank canvas, and are motivated more than ever in wanting to pursue that goal they've been wanting to achieve.

While this is an exciting time, it also can be overwhelming.

According to the University of Scranton, did you know that 92% of people who set goals never actually achieve them?! That means 8% of people are successful in achieving their goal(s)..What?!... 8%!?

Having a goal gives direction, motivates, and makes a clear path.

If you're like my sister, Kelsey and I, we want to do all the things! While there's nothing wrong with wanting to do all the things, the most important key is this...

Start with one thing...

One goal...

By starting with that one goal, it will help keep you focus and also not overwhelm you.

Like Tony Robbins says, "Where focus goes energy flows."

But how do I pick just one?! Although this sounds basic and seemingly simple, pick that one thing, that one goal, that you desire the most, and if there's more than one...




Now that you have picked your one goal, here are 3 simple steps in achieving that.

1. Write it down, and then write it down again and every day. According to Gail Matthews, who is a clinical psychologist, 42% of people are more likely to achieve their goals by writing it down vs thinking about them.

2. Schedule a time and place that you'll take action on these goals. We get it. Life is busy and it's hard to schedule in time with your busy schedule as is, but making the time and making it a priority is what will help you achieve these goals.

Let me say this again...Make this a priority!

How bad do you want this?

3. Have an accountability partner. Surround yourself with someone or people that will love and support you and keep you accountable. My sister, Kelsey, and I are just that. We're business partners, but also accountability partners.

Begin with the end in mind and stay the course.

By implementing those three action steps, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals, and then it's on to the next goal.

Yes it will be difficult.

It's going to take hard work.

But that's what makes it great!

Think of it like this. Would you ditch you co-worker on an important meeting or an important task? So then why ditch on yourself? You owe it to yourself to take action on your goals and dreams.

The time is now.

Just start.

Here's to you and your goals. You got this!

~Kristine and Kelsey

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