Kelsey Brateng


Hi, I'm Kelsey!! I'm a born and raised small town MN girl who is on a mission to live life creatively inspired. I am a wife, momma to 4, and a professional photographer. I went from a corporate job of 10 years to a stay at home mom extraordinaire. I love God and my tribe unconditionally, anything art related, designing, and following my entrepreneurial heart. After receiving my radio broadcasting and media communications diploma, I found photography was my true calling. After 15+ years of working with so many of my amazing clients, I have found a love for entrepreneurship and commercial photography. It has been a wild ride! I am on a mission to not only help my small business clients build their online presence, but also to build our company and a brand that has a purpose driven mission. What is that mission? Well, glad you asked! Click on the link above to read all about it. Our mission is our journey, so it is always changing. When I'm not creating, you can find me hanging out with my husband Kelly and my kiddos, Alexia, Tanner, Aubrielle, and Everly. I am an avid Crossfitter, obsessed with self help books, and learned to like running (I don't love it yet!) I love to cook, hate putting away laundry, and am on a mission to bring more artistic expression to our small community, like more murals!


Kristine Oslund


Hey there! I'm Kristine Oslund and I grew up in a small town of just around 10 thousand people and I now live in a town of 2,500 people so you could say I downsized. :-) I initially started out in the nursing field and obtained my LPN in 2010. Although I love helping people, I wanted to help people in a different capacity. I've always had this deep inside passion to be an entrepreneur. Through personal development, I decided that I needed to fulfill that passion. For years, my sister, Kelsey and I have talked about going into business together and we have finally decided to go for it! I am currently set to graduate in May for my A.A.B degree in business management. I have taken the KBB (Knowledge Blue Print) course, and have taken many training's about social media managing, content creation, and analytics. Aside from that I am married to my ever loving and supportive husband Mark of 7 years. We are a 6 generation farm which I love because my son Carter just loves helping his daddy on the farm and Emma too! We have two beautiful kids, Emma is 6 and Carter is 3 and they keep us very busy! As a family we love to go kayaking and spending as much time with family. My other passions are health and fitness. My me time consists of either sitting on my deck in the summer with coffee in hand or in my garage lifting weights and doing any form of cardio. When it comes to my why, which I have many, it starts out with helping people, but it goes deeper than that. Ultimately, I want to leave this world a little better place. I want to be able to look back on my life and be glad on the chances that I took whether they were successful or not vs wishing or wondering what would've happened if I had just taken action.