Our Story

We are passionate entrepreneurs and know how difficult it can be to cut through all the noise and focus on building your business and your brand. We knew we wanted to help people and be part of something bigger than ourselves. But with any new idea and business venture, we were a little lost and overwhelmed. So we started brainstorming, holding meetings, FaceTiming, taking notes, and quite literally, obsessing about this idea that eventually transformed into Kindred North Connection. 

After 15 years of offering photography services in the Thief River Falls area, Kelsey stumbled upon commercial photography and social media marketing for small businesses with her first commercial shoot at her local CrossFit box. She started taking notice of brand storytelling and started diving into finding out more about her clients. Her background in radio broadcasting and media communications, along with a strong sense of community, has fueled her passion for storytelling, marketing, and empowering people. She looks back and believes this culmination of different backgrounds has lead her on the path she is on today.

Kristine started on her journey of self discovery with health and fitness, and soon found herself wanting to help more people. She remembers texting her (slightly) older sister and asking her for advice. Little did she know, Kelsey had been asking herself similar questions and trying to figure out her next steps. Her background in navigating her own social media following and attending school for business management made the stars align and the duo had their first A-HA moment! They decided to make a go of it!   




Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

We know how difficult it is to balance work/life while raising kids (6 kids between the both of us!) After working in the corporate world for many years, we decided to be the change we wanted to see in the corporate world. We want to build a tribe who feel empowered, who feel they can be creative, and feel like they have the best job, hands down! We also want to build a purpose driven business that makes an impact. We are on a mission to help small business owners and entrepreneurs on their journey to make a difference they wish to see in the world. We also firmly believe that our next generation of leaders need mentoring and guidance. How many of you wish they had a mentor growing up as a teen? Oh heck yeah! We are still creating our roadmap, our plan of action. Won't you join us?

Women Holding Hands